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The QP - Your Case Manager

The QP, (Qualified Professional), is required by law to supervise all
PCA services.
The QP is employed by Access North, and one will be
provided to you as your case manager.

The QP - Your Care Plan Resource

Your Care Plan describes your needs and how the PCA will assist you,
and it is based upon the Public Health Nurse Assessment.
In order to ensure your Care Plan accurately reflects this Assessment,
your Access North Qualified Professional will assist you in developing one.

The QP - Your PCA Choice Assistant

Your Qualified Professional will
assist you in . . .

  • Communicating changes in your needs to the provider, the physician, or others.

  • Supervising PCAs to ensure that care and assistance is provided correctly.

  • Orienting PCAs regarding your personal cares and needs.

  • Determining whether or not the goals of PCA services are being met.

  • Developing and monitoring a month-to-month plan of care.

  • Reviewing documentation of PCA services provided - (hours worked by PCA).

  • Training PCAs to provide hands-on assistance with special health care tasks.

  • Ensuring that the PCA is capable of providing the required personal care services
    through direct observation of the PCAs work or through consultation with the
    qualified recipient.

  • Ensuring that the PCA is knowledgeable about the plan of personal care services
    before the PCA performs personal care services.

  • Ensuring that the PCA is knowledgeable about essential observations of the
    recipient's health, and about any conditions that should be immediately brought to
    the attention of either the QP, the PHN, or the attending physician.

  • Reviewing, with you, and revising, as necessary, the plan of personal care services
    at least once every 120-days after a plan of personal care services is developed.

    (You and your QP will review your plan of personal care within 14-days of its start.
    Follow-up supervision will take place every 90-to-120-days thereafter.

  • Ensuring that Qualified Professional records are kept.

All activities not assigned to the Qualified Professional
are the consumer's responsibility.
To learn more about these responsibilities,
please visit our "Consumer Rights and Responsibilities" page
or click the link below.

Consumer Rights
and Responsibilities