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Telephony System

The Access North PCA Choice program requires PCAs to use the Telephony System.

You must clock in and out at the BEGINNING and at the END of each shift.

Please follow these steps to use the Telephony System:


  1. Call 1-844-411-3595 upon arriving at the consumer’s location to start the visit.
  2. Enter your Employee PIN.
    (Provided at the start of employment.)
  3. Enter your Job PIN found on the Care Plan.
  4. Press '1' to clock in.
  5. Telephony will announce the start time of your visit, say goodbye and disconnect.


  1. Call 1-844-411-3595 when your visit is complete to end the visit.
  2. Enter your Employee PIN.
  3. Enter your Job PIN.
  4. Press '2' to clock out.
  5. You will be prompted to respond to questions regarding the care plan.
    Press '1' for YES, '2' for NO (You must listen and respond to each question)
  6. You will be prompted to confirm each individual question
    Press '1' to CONFIRM, '2' to RE-ENTER (If you answered incorrectly. You must listen and respond to each question)
  7. Telephony will announce the end time of your visit, say goodbye and disconnect.

If your call in and (or) out of the visit is not complete, you must submit a MISSED TIME FORM (available to download below) to Access North for each occurrence.

In order to assure services are provided with the consumer, telephony must recognize the caller ID from the consumer’s phone. If you hear “Invalid caller ID” you must hang up and attempt the call until the caller ID is recognized.

If you hear “hours worked greater than overtime hours” you have reached unauthorized overtime and you are unable to work additional hours this week.

Missed Time In/Out Form

In the event that you do not call at the start of a visit or the end
of a visit, you will need to fill out a Missed Time In/Out Form.

Please use the link below to access and download the Missed Time In/Out Form.

Missed Time In/Out Form

IMPORTANT things to remember . . .

In order to ensure that consumers will be able to continue
to benefit from PCA Choice services, it is IMPORTANT
that both PCAs and consumers remember the following:

  • It is a federal crime to provide false information on PCA billings for medical assistance payment.

    Your signature, (or telephone input when using the Dial-n-Documents), verifies the time and services are accurate and that the services were performed as specified in the PCA Care Plan.

  • All parties are responsible for complying with all rules and regulations
    related to the PCA program.

    This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. MN State Vulnerable Adults Act
    2. Data Privacy regulations
    3. PCA regulations, including medication administration
    4. Department of Labor laws governing overtime

  • If you are a consumer or a PCA for Access North, you are responsible to know and follow the PCA Handbook, as well as the PCA Agreements.