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Telephony System

The Access North PCA Choice program requires PCAs to use the Telephony System.

Time and Attendance are to be called in at the BEGINNING and at the END of each shift.

Please follow these steps to use the Telephony System:

  1. Dial 1-877-236-7891.
  2. You will be prompted for an access code, followed by the '#' sign.
    (This is the last six digits of your Social Security number).
    Enter the last six digits of your Social Security number followed by '#'.
  3. You will be prompted for an agency number, followed by the '#' sign.
    Enter 1050 and '#'.
  4. You will be prompted to press '1' if you are starting a visit, or
    '2' if you are ending a visit.
  5. If you entered '1' to start a visit, you will hear the date, as well as
    the time, your visit started. You may end your call.
  6. If you entered '2' to end a visit, you will be prompted to enter the
    Task Codes from the consumer's Care Plan in order to record
    what was done during your visit.

    Enter the appropriate Task Codes, carefully. (You will not be able to
    edit or change these once you've entered them). You will enter an
    asterisk, *, between each individual Task Code, except for the last.
    Following the last Task Code, you will enter, '#'.

Missed Time In/Out Form

In the event that you do not call at the start of a visit or the end
of a visit, you will need to fill out a Missed Time In/Out Form.

Please use the link below to access and download the Missed Time In/Out Form.

Missed Time In/Out Form

IMPORTANT things to remember . . .

In order to ensure that consumers will be able to continue
to benefit from PCA Choice services, it is IMPORTANT
that both PCAs and consumers remember the following:

  • It is a federal crime to provide false information on PCA billings for medical assistance payment.

    Your signature, (or telephone input when using the Dial-n-Documents), verifies the time and services are accurate and that the services were performed as specified in the PCA Care Plan.

  • All parties are responsible for complying with all rules and regulations
    related to the PCA program.

    This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. MN State Vulnerable Adults Act
    2. Data Privacy regulations
    3. PCA regulations, including medication administration
    4. Department of Labor laws governing overtime

  • If you are a consumer or a PCA for Access North, you are responsible to know and follow the PCA Handbook, as well as the PCA Agreements.