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Description of Consumer Directed Personal
Assistant Services in Minnesota
Under Medical Assistance

Who is eligible for the PCA Choice option?

In order to be eligible for the PCA Choice option a person must meet
all these criteria:

  • They must be able to manage the responsibilities of hiring, training,
    and firing employees or live with someone who can make those
    decisions for them.

  • They must be eligible for PCA services through Medical Assistance.

  • They must have an illness, injury, physical or mental condition that
    requires the level of support a PCA can provide.

What services are covered under the PCA Choice option?

The services covered under the PCA Choice option are the same as those
covered under the traditional PCA program. PCA services must be medically
necessary and ordered by a physician.

These services may include:

  • Activities of daily living, including eating, toileting, grooming, dressing,
    bathing, transferring, mobility and positioning

  • Health related functions that, under state law, can be delegated or assigned by a
    licensed health care professional to be performed by a PCA

  • Instrumental activities of daily living, including meal planning and preparation,
    managing finances, shopping for essential items, performing essential household
    chores, communication by telephone and other media, and getting around and
    participating in the community

  • Redirection and intervention for behavior, including observation and

PCA Handbook and Agreements

If you are a consumer or a PCA for Access North,
you are responsible to know and follow the PCA Handbook and Agreements.

Please use the links below, or the links located in the sidebar menu to view the PCA Handbook and PCA agreements.

PCA Handbook

PCA Agreements

PCA Choice Rules and Definitions

For additional information about
PCA Choice rules and definitions,
please use the following links:

Minnesota Personal Care Services Legislation
Minnesota Department of Human Services
Minnesota Department of Human Services PCA Program